World Toilet Day!

Thanks to the POOP Project for sharing…


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Gringo Jack’s, Manchester, VT

Gringo Jack’s has amazing food – succulent yet light – and a huge drink menu.  Not only that, but up some well-worn stairs they offer the most relaxing, welcoming, sociable women’s room I’ve ever seen.

They have three stalls so feeling rushed is probably a rare experience.  There is privacy and time.  However, in the next room – yes, there is another room! – there is a relaxed, sunny lounge with big windows, a beautiful fireplace (probably not used, but I should check back in the winter), attractive sinks and lighting fixtures, and a baby changing table.  It’s a place where you could sit and wait for your fiends, and probably encourages socializing between strangers (though I was there alone as it was very early for dinner and there few guests at that time).  The centerpiece is a stained glass Corona Light parrot sign.

Thank you Gringo Jack’s!  Though your name is not PC, your restroom is truly refreshing.

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Bath-rooms with a view!

Click the link below to see some incredible toilets-with-a-view.  Some are very, very public!

Thank you LifeBuzz!

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Public toilets in NYC – in the news again

Going to show what an urgent issue this is!

Click here for the NY Times article about the current state of public bathroom availability.


And they mention the public toilet in Corona that I posted about five years ago!

Corona Park, Flushing!

It’s a real issue – if you’re going to an unfamiliar place, load up your phone with some quick links.  There is an app called “Toilet Finder.”  Succinct.  Here is a link to NYC’s official guide website,, with a couple of leads on heavily trafficked options like Grand Central:, public toilets.

It looks like public self-cleaning toilets (European style) may be making a comeback in the big apple.  I can only imagine the wide range of activities that a little temporary privacy will encourage…

Happy spring, everyone!


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Bartaco in West Hartford, CT

Really good small-plate tacos.  The bathroom is nice – love the wood treatment, and has potential for renovation into an even more upscale restroom.

This one is for my Western Mass girls – we love each other’s company, and a good taco!


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Dream Away Lodge, The Berkshires

The Dream Away Lodge is a restaurant, a bar, a music venue, a house with a porch and yard, just a lovely down-home, comfortable place to pass some time with friends.

And…they have a unique bathroom, in that it doubles as a gallery.  Your time in there will be well-spent looking at art.  My visit featured the work of Camille Roos.

Check out the Lodge for yourself!

dream away 1dream away 2dream away 3dream away 4dream away 5dream away 6dream away 7dream away 8

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Barrington Stage Company, Pittsfield MA

BSC put on a great production, and offered a great restroom experience.

The layout would be a little awkward when the room is filled up with a line of patrons peering around the corner looking for an available stall, but it was beautifully styled.  The red walls, the gleaming sinks with sleek, modern faucets, and the glamorous portrait which draws the eye up towards the high ceilings, make for an attractive bathroom.  The water flowing into the sink made a delightful tinny sound, and the soap smelled so good.

But here is their key to an awesome public restroom:  the stall is deep enough that you have plenty of room to enter – even with a large handbag slung over your shoulder – turn around and close the door without being pressed up against the toilet, without having to awkwardly twist around to avoid squishing your body between the door and the wall.  It’s the gold standard of stall size!  

So go see a show…and enjoy!


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