Newark Airport (EWR), June 14

Today, another quick stop on our way to Germany!  After taking NJ Transit, I arrived at the Newark International Airport where they had a lovely, clean restroom despite the ceaseless stream of women filing in and out with all of their bags and children.  The sea green wall tiles and bright lighting made the room seem spacious and light.  I’ve read that light green is often used as a wall color in hospitals because it’s been shown to have a calming effect on people.  I think it is a perfectly appropriate color for the airport as well, where the jet-lagged and bustling can ease their anxiety while relieving their bladders and refreshing themselves at the line of sinks.

People sometimes criticize Newark for being a dirty, dangerous place, but the airport bathroom was a green oasis in the turbulent sea of travelers and announcements, lay-overs and final boarding calls.


About amyontheotherside

I've always been attentive to the public restrooms I've used...the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have their uniqueness and charms. I explore these on my blog, "From in the Can". In the rest of my life (outside of the bathroom) I have just moved from NYC to Virginia and am chronicling the experience in the "Experiment in a New Life" blog.
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One Response to Newark Airport (EWR), June 14

  1. Charlotte says:

    Agreed. I’ve noted the green around the escalators, too. Newark is a remarkably civil airport, though JFK’s TWA terminal gets all the love from architectural critics.

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