Best Restroom Contest!

I’m happy to report that there are other people out there as pleased with a good bathroom as I am, and they’ve set up a contest to recognize the best of the best!

The contest is sponsored by Cintas, a company who, among their many services, stocks restroom supplies and installs sanitary hardware like hands-free paper towel dispensers.

America’s Best Restroom Award homepage has pictures of past winners, and they are certainly noteworthy!  You can even nominate a bathroom you love for consideration.  I’ll be checking in on this from time to time…maybe even nominate one of my own finds someday.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


About amyontheotherside

I've always been attentive to the public restrooms I've used...the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have their uniqueness and charms. I explore these on my blog, "From in the Can". In the rest of my life (outside of the bathroom) I have just moved from NYC to Virginia and am chronicling the experience in the "Experiment in a New Life" blog.
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