Shangri-la Hotel, Shanghai


Let us all go to Shanghai!  My dear friend, who is spending the next month traveling the world, sent me this striking bathroom from across the globe.  He writes:

“The toilet is located atop the Shanghai Shangri-la Hotel in the Jade Room Bar.  This tight little cylindrical shaped number is hidden behind a stainless steel door which slides open around this toilet pod.”

As you can see in the pictures, the bathroom is a play on the circle and features an impressive economy of space.  The colored fluorescents bring the club vibe with you into your tiny getaway.  While it’s crisp and cool and clean, the size suggests to me that I’d be encouraged to get in and get out…perhaps by design for a location hosting many tipsy patrons?


About amyontheotherside

I've always been attentive to the public restrooms I've used...the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have their uniqueness and charms. I explore these on my blog, "From in the Can". In the rest of my life (outside of the bathroom) I have just moved from NYC to Virginia and am chronicling the experience in the "Experiment in a New Life" blog.
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