Alright!  On the heels of our scouts in London, another guest blogger brings us toilets from Morocco!  No comfortable seats…I presume one must squat.  I suppose these restrooms foster more a sense of utility – in and out! – and less the kind of repose and privacy that I love in a good ole U S of A bathroom.  On the other hand…I bet they save a lot of time:  no reading, no mirrors, no chatting with your girlfriends.  Or maybe they do!  Any Moroccans out there who can give us the insider perspective?

My mother’s Tennessee relatives (the really old ones) still had these kinds of bathrooms, actually.  She always talks about how she and her sisters dreaded visiting these aunts and uncles because they had to use the stand-up out houses:  no climate control, and I believe she said the floors were dirt with footprints worn into the floor.

I hope this makes us all appreciate what we have, and maybe think about more environmentally sound bathroom options…though it’s hard to imagine these being reintroduced in our country.

Thank you to our guest bloggers, a father and son dynamic duo!  As always, I mention no names…though who wouldn’t want to be associated with a bathroom blog?!  ; )


About amyontheotherside

I've always been attentive to the public restrooms I've used...the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have their uniqueness and charms. I explore these on my blog, "From in the Can". In the rest of my life (outside of the bathroom) I have just moved from NYC to Virginia and am chronicling the experience in the "Experiment in a New Life" blog.
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