Public toilets in NYC – in the news again

Going to show what an urgent issue this is!

Click here for the NY Times article about the current state of public bathroom availability.


And they mention the public toilet in Corona that I posted about five years ago!

Corona Park, Flushing!

It’s a real issue – if you’re going to an unfamiliar place, load up your phone with some quick links.  There is an app called “Toilet Finder.”  Succinct.  Here is a link to NYC’s official guide website,, with a couple of leads on heavily trafficked options like Grand Central:, public toilets.

It looks like public self-cleaning toilets (European style) may be making a comeback in the big apple.  I can only imagine the wide range of activities that a little temporary privacy will encourage…

Happy spring, everyone!



About amyontheotherside

I've always been attentive to the public restrooms I've used...the good, the bad and the ugly! They all have their uniqueness and charms. I explore these on my blog, "From in the Can". In the rest of my life (outside of the bathroom) I have just moved from NYC to Virginia and am chronicling the experience in the "Experiment in a New Life" blog.
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