Roadhouse Cafe, good ole Belchertown

These folks are serious about hand-washing… 


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The Roadside Bar and Grille, Duck, NC

If you ever make it to the Outer Banks, you MUST go to the Roadside Bar and Grille.  The food is incredible – it’s fine dining in the most down-to-earth, warm little place you could hope to find.  I ate the best scallops of my life there.  The owner was delightful and the whole experience was memorable, years after my trip.

And, of course, their bathroom was on-theme.  From the sweet little sign on the door to the glass inset in the window panes, it was just as inviting and unique as the rest of the restaurant.  I certainly wasn’t expecting the shower curtain “doors” to the stalls, though!  It’s not quite the same secure feeling as a door, but it works!

Roadside B&G





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Empire, Norfolk, VA

Great food, cocktails, and fun bathroom door!
Notice the signs directing you there…you can see then from the entire length of the bar.






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Hokkaido Sushi Bar, Norfolk, VA

Happy New Year! No doubt, you are all experiencing the excitement of a fresh start in 2015. My resolution is to bring you more notable restrooms this year – so hold me to that, readers!

To celebrate the new year and the exciting play I’m working on at Virginia Stage Company, I bring you a bathroom from the city of Norfolk.

Hokkaido ushers you into the restroom hallway with a flashy beaded curtain. The first things you notice upon entering are the unusual sinks.
I enjoy the pipes suspended from the ceiling that run over the stalls. I also appreciate the orientation of the toilets relative to each other; know that if you’re in the small stall, there is someone sitting right behind you!

Readers, I love getting your links to articles about bathrooms and your photos of restrooms, often from far-off places. Keep them coming!










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Using nature to protect nature (from our poo)

via npr: Floating Toilets That Clean Themselves Grow On A Lake

click here!

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My two favorite things!

Freakonomics podcast looks at public restrooms and sound design. Thank you Steve Levitt and Stephen Dubner!

Find it online!


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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Day Porta-Potties!

Her temporary porta-potties are nicer than the bathroom in my house, and I think that’s all that needs to be said.

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